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Spa Mist II Processor For Headspa

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Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length – the Spa Mist II enhances salon treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles.

Product Features

Open ball mist nozzle, detachable tray, water supply container, hose holder, drain stopper, deionizer, stand base, cord cook, drain tank, flexible hose, timer, temperature control, mist control, open mist, scalp care function, hair care function, color processing function, perm function, hand care function.

Open Mist Nozzle:
Enrich the in-bowl experience. Included with the Spa Mist II starter kit, the Open Mist Nozzle is uniquely designed to enhance bowl-side treatments. The accessory features a nozzle with an adhesive disk and coupling tubes to enable open mist-style service enhancements. It is designed to attach to smooth surfaces in a suction cup-like style, which creates a more organized in-bowl work space and offers more freedom to focus on the client.

Flexible Hose:
Adapt to a diverse range of services. From chair-side services to bowl-side treatments, this versatile accessory bends the boundaries found in rigid hoses and adapters. Each hose features an extendable range of approximately 13.77 to 26.77 inches, which allows you to flex and fine-tune the placement and setup of your equipment, client, and technician.

End Cap:
Control mist output for more even distribution. The End Cap accessory disperses mist in a radial pattern rather than a direct pattern. Using a two-piece, twist-off design, the accessory redirects mist to the sides, which is ideal to fill treatment, color, and perm caps. This output method leads to more even mist distribution inside treatment caps rather than direct application towards the client’s head.


- Voltage: 110/120/220/230/240 V
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Power Consumption: 490 W
- Drain Tank Capacity: 450 ml
- Water Supply Container: 1,400 ml

Education Video

Width: 25.98” Height: 30.91” Depth: 37.40”

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Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length – the Spa Mist II enhances salon treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles. It gently opens up the hair’s cuticle layer for deep conditioning of the hair, scalp and allows for an added hand spa treatment. With a simple to use, light and portable design, the Spa Mist II delivers clients a truly relaxing facial for their hair. 

*Only distilled water is recommended for the Spa Mist.