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We make it easy for you with AMERIFUND

With financing options from $5000 to $350,000 – Amerifund can help you out! Create an application in just a few minutes and submit for stress free fixed payments.

Step 1

Add products to your cart

Step 2

Apply using the link above for stress free financing.

Amerifund will reach out once approved. Approval can take as little as 48 hours!

Step 3

Once financing is approved, give us a call so we may walk you through your order

Step 4

Complete purchase and enjoy furnishing your new modern salon and barber experience by Ten Salon Development!

Discover The Benefits Of Leasing

Finance/Lease With Low Deposit Over 24-60 Months Across All Takara Belmont Products!

Leasing/financing gives you access to the world's leading salon equipment whilst managing your investment over a period of time with very low initial capital outlay or deposits. Redefine quality in your salon or barbershop and start reaping the benefits even before your leasing payments start!

Top 5 Reasons To Lease

Better cashflow

Purchase equipment for your salon without denting your cash flow.

Choose to own or upgrade

At the end of the agreement, own the goods outright for one extra monthly payment, or replace and upgrade to new models.

Quality equipment

Get the world's best equipment at a price you can afford.

Tax relief

Receive tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement.

Easy life

A single fixed monthly payment.

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How Leasing Works

TenSalon will guide you through the leasing process and help with necessary arrangements for ordering.

What Happens At The End Of Your Lease?

When the agreement term ends you can own the leased equipment for just one additional monthly payment. However, at this point, you may decide to renew or upgrade your equipment. This is a simple process. Just choose new Takara Belmont equipment, start a fresh leasing arrangement and your new equipment will be delivered by TenSalon to replace the existing equipment which you may sell to make way for new and exciting Takara Belmont equipment.

Your Questions Answered

Is Leasing Preferable To Paying Outright?

Of course you can pay outright for your equipment and it is subject to the same warranties. However, leasing gives you financial certainty and it enables you to retain capital reserves in your business for other important things, such as staff training, marketing, a new website or expansion, as well as allowing for unforeseen eventualities. Importantly, when salons are budgeting for furniture, the temptation is to assume you need to make a capital outlay in one go and as a result, you may end up purchasing cheaper, less reliable and inferior equipment. Why compromise?

Should I Lease Or Use My Bank?

Using your bank for every business transaction is generally not regarded as good practise. Locating all your loan and overdraft facilities in one place and maximizing them may leave you vulnerable when you need financial intervention or support for investment or unforeseen expenditures. As business account costs vary, interest rates rise and changes in your banking T&Cs may result in payment fluctuations or reductions in your overdraft facilities, we advise leasing as the payments are fixed for the duration of the lease agreement.